We love what you do, how can we book you guys?
To secure your day with us just drop us a line through our contact page. We will send you a booking form and all we ask is that you fill it in and return it on line along with a booking fee of £500....Simple as!

Can you hold the day for us… pretty please?
Aww... really sorry, we would love to... it’s just that we get booked up so quickly we are unable to hold your wedding date.

When is the final balance due by?
We will send you an invoice to remind you 6 weeks before your big day (or if you are counting … 42 more sleeps... yay!!)

Can we meet up?
There is nothing we love more than to meet up for a coffee/beer and a chat about your day. You can often find us at our favourite hang out at Stockyard in Hale!

How many photographers will there be on the day?
There are always two of us...double the fun!!

Are you up for travelling...How far will you go?
Yes... yes...yes!! We will set ourselves up with travel and accommodation anywhere within our 100 mile radius. We just ask that are needs are met for petrol and accommodation (the night before and after your big day) for any weddings outside of this with an extra £200.

What about destination weddings abroad?
Bring it on!! We ask that you cover the costs of our flights, transfers and accommodation. We are a bit of an exotic bunch and speak, Spanish, Italian, Czech and English of course, YEY!!

Do you take group shots?
For sure …you know we prefer the more natural shots but hey guys we have to keep your folks happy!! So we will ask you to compose a small list of group shots before your day, then voila… we will get the job done swift and quick so you can all get back to having some fun.

Ok so what’s the deal with our photos...How many will we actually recieve?
Yikes!!...We take loads on your big day for the shut eye peeps amongst you! Each wedding is so unique with different timings and loactions, but you will receive at least 600+ images with our unique editing style.

Who owns the copyrights of the images?
It’s your day and we feel it’s only right that you own the images. If you wanted to use them for commercial reasons please drop us a line and we can send the right format for you!

Can we print our images?
You bet you can! Or you can order them on line from our website.

What happens after the wedding?
We get home…sleep…then get editing!! Within a few days we will send you a couple of sneaky peek images to upload to your FB and to use to say a big thank you to all your guests.

Agghh... We can’t wait!! How long will it take to receive our images on line?
We know you got the post wedding blues.... but we take great pride in the creative process of editing your precious images so please be patient and give us 10-12 weeks. We promise that we will let you know as soon as they are ready and send you your secure online password to share with your family and friends!!….We can even make you your own wedding app with all your favourite images so you have them at hand, just one click away!!!

How will I receive my digital images?
We will pop the cutest little gift box with our cool little USB drive in the post to you....Enjoy!
I booked the full coverage package how do I get my Story Book and prints?
Now, relax together, have a glass of wine and select your 3 favourite images for your A3 prints …just send us the 3x image numbers and press the little star on your online gallery… then choose between 70-90 images for your book. Done!!
We will design it and send it to you as soon as it’s ready ...around 4- 6 weeks

How do I order one of your beautiful Eco handmade albums?
Ahh YEY we love these books too.. Just let us know that you want to upgrade (if you haven’t already chosen this package before) and select 70 of your favourite pictures. These books are handmade so will take a little longer (8-10 weeks)

Do you make parent Story Books?
We sure do just let us know how many you want and what size.
Those short clips videos are so cute can we have one please?
Yes you can add one on to your wedding package when you book with us or nearer to your day if you decide later on you have to have one!!

What’s the deal with a Pre-Wedding shoot…should we book in for one?
Yes, they are the best! We get more time to hang out with you guys and you get to feel even more relaxed and at ease about your day… Knowing how we work, that we are there for you and that it’s our job to ensure you have fun so we can get all the natural shots of how you really are together and photos to reflect that. We promise that you will be more excited than ever about your day afterwards…even the non- believers amongst you!! We think it rocks as you will have some cool images to make into a guest signing in book or just remember the last months together before you become Mr. & Mrs.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty... Are you guys insured?
Rest assured we sure are. We have public liability and are happy to provide copies of our certificate if required.

Any more questions?
Please drop us a line…